Massage Therapy Terms

Massage Therapy Terms

Cancellation Policy/Fees

  • If you fail to show for an appointment you will be billed $30.00. This time was specifically reserved for your appointment, so the courtesy of 24 hours notice for cancellation or rescheduling is appreciated.
  • When canceling packages, couples massages or large group appointments, a minimum of 6 business hours notice is required, otherwise you will be billed full price. If it is a morning appointment, we must receive your call by the afternoon before to avoid this fee.
  • Bounced checks will incur a $25.00 fee for which a bill will be sent.

Treatment Policies and Etiquette

These policies are in place for your personal protection as well as for the professional dignity of the therapist. You will receive personal instructions on what clothing to remove and how to prepare for the treatment. Please follow those instructions as well as the guidelines that follow:

  • Always wait for the therapist to leave the room before getting undressed. Cover yourself with the sheet as instructed. You will not be exposed by the therapist during the treatment, and should not attempt to expose yourself. Please do not get off the table at the end of the treatment until the therapist has left the room.
  • At no time will any sexual comments, suggestions, activities, or requests be tolerated. If this term is violated, the therapist has the right to end the session, full payment is required, and no further treatments will be scheduled. This is a zero tolerance policy.