John Bedard chose Massage Therapy as his means of assisting people with their daily stresses of life. John completed a 750 hour 9 month “certified Massage Therapist” program at Everest Institute. Afterward, he became State licensed and began living his dream.

John likes working with different massage modalities to include the Western Swedish Massage, the Sports Massage, Deep Tissue and Myo-facial release as well as neuromuscular release (Acupressure and Trigger point work). He particularly likes to utilize Muscle Energy Technique of ‘stretching’ muscles/attachments in a way that allows the client to develop new memory. This method releases tension and muscle adhesions by increasing blood flow into the tissue. Currently, John works in full body Swedish Massage and add special techniques (hot stones and stretching) to assist in troubled areas of the shoulders, back, hips and feet. In addition, his volunteer work at Faith Hospice proves that ‘touch’ is important to all of us.

John's main goal is to ensure that all clients realize just how wonderful their bodies are, that healthy bodies react to daily stresses much better and that massage therapy is a whole body (mind, body and spirit) healing experience.